Custom Curtains in Greenwich and the Your the Executive Rental Market

Are you hoping to be able to rent your property to executives? If so, you need to know that the executive rental market is competitive, and you have to be ready to compete on a higher-playing field. This means that you cannot simply rent out a vacant condo and hope for a higher return. Most top-level executives are looking to rent a condo for a few months to a year. Further, they want the properties to be furnished. The decor cannot be sloppy. It must be beautiful and coordinate well together. That may be why you are looking for custom curtains in Greenwich.

You may have already decided on leather furniture and wood tables. However, when it comes to curtains for the main living area and other rooms of the condo, you may be at a loss. This is understandable, that is why you need to talk to the consultant from a business like Dominic’s Decorating. You can take a picture of your main living area, bedrooms and other areas that need curtains and bring those pictures with you when you visit the consultant. The consultant will be happy to go over your fabric options when it comes to custom curtains in Greenwich.

If you are dealing with dark leather furniture in the main living area, you may want to go with a lighter color when it comes to the drapes. The consultant can show you fabric choices that feature a textured design and more. It will not take you long to discover what will work best for your design. You can also decide if you would prefer to have a valance over the kitchen window. So, play around with a variety of options before you narrow things down.

Once the curtains have been installed, it will be time to get excited about marketing your property to executives. Your prospective tenants will love that no details were missed in the design of each room. They will also enjoy touching the drapery and seeing the high quality workmanship. With this in mind, it is time to get excited about visiting the store and speaking to the consultant.




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