Cremation Plans In Ocala FL Can Save A Lot Of Money

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Cremation

Traditional funerals can cost $10,000 or more when a family factors in the cost of a burial plot, casket, and funeral service. When the family adds in the cost of a limousine or hearse, the cost continues to climb. When a family or an individual chooses to make Cremation Plans Ocala FL, they can save thousands of dollars on funeral costs and still provide their loved one with a memorial service.

Families today rarely live in the same area and traveling on short notice to a funeral can break a budget. When cremation is used, the family can schedule a memorial service that is at an appropriate time that family and friends can have a celebration of life. A cremation service will also help the family to secure the body and file all necessary paperwork.

Direct Cremation

Licensed personnel make direct cremation costs under $1,000 and all arrangements. They will also secure all of the documents from state and local agencies. If the loved one is within 50 miles, they will transport their remains to the crematory.

There are on-site refrigeration and crematory facilities and they will provide an alternative cremation container. If the family needs death certificates, they are ten dollars per copy.


An individual can have their loved one placed into a temporary urn at the time of cremation or can choose an urn to put the ashes in. Urns can be marble, wood, metal, biodegradable, or Cloisonn√©’. The wide selection of urns will match the decor in anyone’s home.


If an individual is not interested in a traditional urn, they could choose keepsakes to keep their loved one ashes in. Some keepsakes are small and can hold a small amount of ashes for each family member. If the family would like to have a piece of keepsake jewelry, the Cremation Plans Ocala FL can include that as part of the cremation service.

Respecting the death of a loved one and providing them with a proper service is important to many families. Choosing Crevasse’s Simple Cremation Inc. to perform the cremation services will limit thousands of dollars being spent on a funeral. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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