Common Duties of Green Maid Service in Canton

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Cleaning

The idea of hiring a green maid service in Canton is often brings to mind many questions. One of the biggest questions is, “What types of cleaning does a maid service perform?” While each maid service has limits set for what they will and will not do within a home, there are duties that are considered common for most maid services.

It is important to remember that the hours you pay for will determine the areas that a maid service in Canton has time to clean. You can get more work done by the maid service in Canton if you do some pre-cleaning before the maid arrives. If you tidy up the house and make sure it is somewhat clean, a maid service will have more time to focus on the grimier, dirtier areas of your home. Additionally, if you have specific areas you want clean be sure to let the maid know about them. The goal of maid services is to clean the client’s house in the way desired by the client. Remember that this list is intended to cover basic cleaning services offered by maids in Canton, not deeper cleaning services.

General Cleaning

General cleaning is often performed in all of the rooms of the home. This consists of dusting, general tidying, and vacuuming. Maids will dust windowsills, furniture, blinds, ceiling fans, and decorative items in the home. They will also remove cobwebs and pick up items that are out of place. Any trash will be consolidated and placed in the proper receptacle. Finally, they will vacuum all of the floors in the home.


Maid service in Canton performs bathroom cleaning as part of their normal services. If there are towels or wash cloths, maids will begin by folding these and placing them in the designated location. They will then use green cleaning process to wash the floors of the bathrooms thoroughly, often using a scrub brush. Next, maids clean and shine the mirrors and various bathroom fixtures. Maids will then clean and sanitize various areas of the bathroom including the toilet, any counters, the sink, the shower, and the bathtub enclosure. They will finish the bathroom by vacuuming the floor.


One of the most common services that maids employed in Canton perform is kitchen cleaning. When performing basic maid service in Canton in the kitchen of a home, maids tend to be very thorough. They often begin by cleaning the various small appliances in the kitchen. A complete cleaning is done on the inside of the microwave. Then, small appliances are hand wiped. The exterior of large and small appliances are cleaned and sanitized. Maids will also clean and sanitize the counters, the sink, and the stove top. Then, they hand wipe tables and chairs. Next, the exterior of kitchen cabinets are spot cleaned and dusted. The final step is to vacuum and mop the kitchen floor.

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