CNC Turning Services – The Benefits

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Business

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control turning is the most common type of turning method used today, and is especially popular for highly detailed cuts and mass production. It uses a computer program to carry out a precise set of instructions to produce incredibly consistent results.

Benefits of CNC Turning

* Equipment can be installed to make anything from small components to larger, highly complex parts, using a subtractive method to carve the design from a larger block of material.

* Parts can be manufactured with tight tolerances, are extremely precise – parts can be delivered within 0.005” accuracy – and highly customizable. Changes can be made quickly and simply by making a few small adjustments to the software.

* Many parts can be worked at the same time, and a diverse range of materials, including different metals and plastics, can be used. A single component that is made up of several different materials can also be machined with no problem.

* The costs for CNC turning are considerably less than with the use of rapid prototyping methods, such as 3D printing.

* CNC turning is a tried and trusted machining technology, compared to the additive processing of 3D printers, which are still some way away from being adopted as a mainstream manufacturing model.

Choosing the Right CNC Turning Company
Continuing improvements in CNC turning technology means there is less and less demand for traditional or conventional turning, although the best CNC turning services shops should still offer these services to customers if requested.

CNC turning services are usually offered as part of a wider selection of machining services, which could include welding and full fabrication, among others. Choose a company with a comprehensive range of services, and which can accommodate materials within widely differing diameter ranges – starting at less than an inch. They should also be able to machine parts with unconventional shapes and sizes.

Companies with a large lathe inventory means they will be able to accommodate mass production as well as cope with any emergency orders that may come in. This is where a combination of CNC and conventional turning machines helps to provide useful production flexibility.

Jifco Products, Inc.’s CNC turning capabilities include live tooling on diameters from ¼” to 8″ diameter and up to 20″ long. Visit us at to find out more.

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