CNC Machine Spinning Design Tips

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Business

When it comes to metal spinning, there are things that need to be looked at to ensure quality, consistency, and precision. Having an experienced team handling the metal spinning work can help produce better results and meet customer expectations. Here are important CNC metal spinning design tips you may want to know.

The best way to go about dimensioning is to use inner diameters. If outer diameter is used, then one should expect up to between 25 and 30 percent thin out from the raw materials that are being used at the start.

Thickness of the material
The thickness is another important design element when it comes to CNC metal spinning. The type of material will determine the extent to which the sidewall will thin. This then determines the height of the sidewall that is required for the job, and the amount of pressure that is needed from the raw material. Typically, the sidewall will vary by up to 25 percent.

It is also prudent to avoid the cutting of sharp corners. If possible, the specification of the formed radius should be at no less than between two and three times the material thickness. In some situations, the radius can be equal to the metal thickness. The radius can sometimes be sharpened if necessary, but this might end up weakening the corners. The corners and the radii will vary by up to 30 percent, with the bottom thickness being the same as the thickness of the original blank.

Another important element in the CNC metal spinning design process is to avoid the over specification of tolerances. Only specify on the drawing if the uniformity of the wall thickness is critical. If a part of the sidewall requires specific thickness, then it might be necessary to haven secondary thinning. However, this must not be specified on every part. Do not simply give the overall tolerances on the print since tolerances normally specify the region where the emphasis will be placed during the tooling development stage.

When it comes to geometrics, the symmetrical shapes are normal. However, one can achieve a wide variety of shapes, from hemispherical, cylindrical, parabolic, venturi and flanged or dish shaped specialties.

The material specification is just as wide. Any formable metal or alloy can go through the CNC Metal Spinning process, especially those that can be formed through the deep drawing process, hydroforming, formed on a press, or formed through the fabrication process on a press brake.

It is important, though, to consider the fact that when it comes to cost, every job stands on its own merit.

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