Choosing the Best Roll Off Rental Service in Geneva NY

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Information Services

With a home remodeling project about to get underway, the homeowner wants to make sure there is an easy way to get rid of any debris removed during the project. The best bet is to find a roll off rental service in Geneva NY that can provide the right type of trash receptacle for the job. By asking a few questions, it won’t take long to set up something with the right service. Dumpster DetailsThe first point to address is the availability of a unit that can be used for collection and removal during the project. In many cases, it helps to have a roll off unit that is easy to move when needed. This is especially helpful if the remodeling project has to do with the exterior of the home.

As the work progresses to each section of the exterior, the unit can be moved to allow easier access. It also helps to secure a unit that can be accessed from the top and one side. When the home remodeling includes a new roof, it will be easier to move the unit near the roof line, open the top, and allow the roofing team to toss old shingles and other materials directly into the receptacle. Once the job moves to removing old materials from inside the home, the unit can be spotted near an entrance and the side access will make it easy to carry unwanted items out of the house and dump them in the unit with no problem. Rental Terms and ConditionsThe cost of the rental is a key point to consider.

If the idea is to rent the unit for five to seven days, ask if there is any type of discount available. In some cases, longer rental periods will be eligible for some small percentage off the standard daily rate. Ask about scheduling collection dates. This is especially important if the remodeling project will take a week or more to complete. By having the roll off rental service in Geneva NY retrieve a full unit every three or so days and replace it with an empty unit, there is never any danger of the unit overflowing, or debris collecting in the yard.

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