Choosing A Conference Venue For Your Next Business Event

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Business

From securing sponsors to gathering speakers, the to do list for the upcoming conference seems never-ending. An important aspect of this process is selecting the conference venue. To make it a bit easier, use the tips here for selecting the venue for your next trade-show, conference or other corporate event.


The location you choose for your event is paramount in maximising attendance. Prior to selecting a location, be sure you have provided transportation to and from the venue so your attendees can easily arrive by vehicle, train or plane. If the attendee list includes VIPs or other high level executives, the venue can make or break your attendance. You should also confirm there is plenty of parking or a valet service for attendees who are driving to the conference.


If you have selected a venue that is not in a hotel, you need to ensure there are suitable accommodations nearby. If they are not within walking distance then you can check with the hotel in order to arrange a shuttle service. If this is not available, you should factor in the cost of car or taxi services for attendees who need the service.


After you have checked the availability of the venue you are interested in using, it is important to check a few other spaces as well. Be sure to determine if the venue is extremely busy during your event time, to ensure you will not have traffic or other issues.


Does the venue reflect or does it detract from the image of the event? It is crucial that the venue you choose is aligned with the image you are working to project, as well as good for your target audience.

Also be sure of the sponsors and stakeholders. Ask the coordinator at the venue if there is any other on-site events that may clash with your branding or event.


The cost of an event needs to be known up front. However, most venues will negotiate, so don’t be afraid to try and get a lower price if it is too much for your budget.

Taking the time to consider all the conference venues available will help you find the right one for your needs. After all, if you are planning a conference or other corporate event having the best possible venue is essential for its success.

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