Categories Of Adhesive Tape Products

One of the easiest ways to make a job, project, or fabrication as efficient and cost effective as possible is to have the right materials and supplies for the job. With a wide range of different adhesive tape products, knowing the options available can help to choose the right match for a specific need.

When buying from a company specializing in engineered products for specialized applications you can choose from a much greater inventory of adhesive tape products than found in a general construction or fabrication wholesaler or retailer.

This type of specialization can also include services such as die cut components that allow you to save time and eliminate wasted product and labor in the assembly of the final product. Also, these companies may also offer the option to custom slit to width, again resulting in time and cost saving in both labor and materials.

Bonding Tapes

Bonding tapes are a very practical type of adhesive tape products that can be used in all types of applications including for mounting and assembly needs. There are different thicknesses, single and double coated tapes, as well as rubber tapes that are ideal for all types of general purpose use.

These typically pressure sensitive adhesives that are designed to adhere to any type of surface. This can include plastics, treated surfaces such as paint, as well as on metals. As they are a tape they are highly flexible, allowing for mounting of components that would be very difficult using other mounting methods.

High Temperature

There are also specific bonding tapes that can be used at high temperatures, and these will still maintain their adhesion without any reduction in quality of the hold. These adhesive tape products may include aluminum foil, woven fiberglass or even tin clad copper foil.

These are often all weather types of tapes and can be used for multiple different applications. They often have silicon, acrylic, or rubber adhesives depending on their application use.

Foam Tapes

When protection, cushioning and sealing is important, foam tapes are the go-to option. These adhesive tape products can be double coated and are often polyurethane or polyethylene foam with a rubber or an acrylic adhesive.

The key is to know which of the adhesive tape products are best suited for the specific requirements of the application. Getting to know the products and their recommended uses will be essential in narrowing down your tape options to just the right one.

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