Building with T-Slot Aluminum

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Aluminum extrusion products, hardware, and systems provide a strong mold and trim framework that has multiple uses. Produced and manufactured for commercial, business and residential construction, T-slots are used to produce trim products for remodeling, cabinetry, signage, awning, railing, decking, bleachers and fence construction. You can machine, cut, form, mold, bend or weld. As the name implies, T-slot erector kits can build just about anything. A few examples include:

 * Inventory Shelving
 * Carts
 * Safety Enclosures
 * Package Assembly Lines
 * Machine Enclosures
 * Ergonomic Workstations
 * Office Furniture
 * Point of Purchase Displays

Build a Better Mouse Trap
Manufacturers of T-slot extrusion also produce hardware to assemble your structure without having to machine the parts. Aluminum extrusion is durable and easy to keep clean. Manufacturers will cut, miter, punch, drill, countersink and bend any extrusion to meet a customer’s specification. You can further customize by choosing a standard or from a variety of anodized colors and finishes.

Safety First
For interior builds aluminum extrusion products produce highly desirable and unique outcomes. The metal is an excellent thermal conductor of hot and cold. Its non-sparking properties make it ideal for environments with high explosive materials or when installing in flammable environments. Aluminum is an excellent electrical conductor and non-magnetic making it a safe material product for high-voltage applications. All aluminum trim products resist corrosion and under high heat will not give off toxic fumes. That’s great news for the construction workers and emergency first-responders.

About Aluminum
Aluminum is a durable metal and weighs a third less than iron, steel, copper or brass. Its high in the strength-to-weight material makes aluminum solutions ideal for aerospace, truck trailer, and bridge construction. Whether your client is looking to remodel a commercial building or retail space, aluminum molding is an attractive and long-lasting product. Aluminum is a sustainable metal that can repeatedly be recycled without degradation.

Easy to Find
While there are standard extrusion profiles readily available, custom orders can be tailored to meet any specification. You can depend on manufacturers of custom and OEM aluminum products. Many can process orders and ship same day. That helps you keep material costs down and profits up. There are many uses for aluminum extrusion products consider working with it on your next commercial build.

For over 25 years, Eagle Mouldings has provided OEM manufacturing of aluminum products for commercial, business and residential. They provide commercial Millwork, Custom extrusions or standard aluminum trims and have an exceptional customer service record. For more information, visit Website.

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