Benefits of Thermal Spray

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When your machine components need extra protection, thermal spraying has them covered. This popular coating process is a proven way to protect your components against wear such as oxidation, abrasion, fretting and corrosion. This ultimately lengthens your components’ service life and reduces downtime for your constantly used machines.

Variety of Materials and Thermal Spray Rates
One of the main benefits of using a ,thermal spray is that a wide range of materials may be deposited as your coating. These materials include ceramic-metallics, refractory metals, non-oxide and oxide ceramics, carbides, alloys and metals. Also, the spray rate is extremely rapid: A deposition rate of 2 pounds per hour to 100 pounds per hour can be achieved through thermal spraying.

Thermal Degradation and Coating Thickness
The process of thermal spraying is relatively cold. You can keep substrates below 300 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, you’ll rarely have an issue with thermal degradation even when applying coatings to thermal-sensitive substrates including plastics and metals with low melting points. Various coating thicknesses are also available – an bonus. The process of thermal spraying can be performed over a wide range of atmospheric conditions, deposition velocities and temperatures, with the coating thickness ranging from 0.002 inches to 0.250 inches. Because the coatings are thick, dense and well-bonded, you can rest assured that your critical parts will be protected in many different types of applications.

Additional Thermal Spray Advantages
Another huge benefit of using a thermal spray is that you can apply uniform coatings to components featuring complex geometries. This is possible thanks to the fact that both the torch used in the process and the part itself can be robotically manipulated. Also, it is rare that your entire part has to be coated. Thus, critical parts of the component can be covered to prevent thermal spray from affecting these areas unnecessarily and ensure that only required areas end up being coated.

With thermal spraying, the resulting strong bond can withstand any heavy mechanical load as well in severe wear application. A particular diffusion heat treatment may further provide coating densification when you are dealing with challenging corrosion and oxidation applications.

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