Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Utah Perfect Timing as Housing Forecasts Improve

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Real Estate

There is a good chance that online Real Estate Schools in Salt Lake City are going to become more popular than ever with real estate forecasts in the Salt Lake area looking better. With an increase in sales for single family homes rising by 5 percent in 2013 it appears prices will continue to rise making it the perfect time to consider a career in real estate.

Areas such as Sandy and West Jordan are also looking like they will be doing well with each sharing over 10 percent of the sales for 2013. Salt Lake City held 30 percent of the sales. Housing sales are finally starting to approach the last housing peak seen in 2006 following decreased sales during the recession. In fact Utah County is within 10 percent of the area’s all time high.

Housing prices have been strong for 2014 and promise to continue to look good for 2015. Enrolling in a best online real estate school in Salt Lake City is starting to look like an excellent prospect for many seeking a career change for the New Year. Price increases remained in the double digits for 2013.

Another good sign is a decline in troubled mortgages and foreclosures. In 2011 Utah actually had 1 in 5 mortgages with negative equity. This means that homeowners were unable to sell their homes as they were locked in due to their devalued home. In 2013 Utah dropped from the number 13 position to the 34th position for homes with negative equity in the U.S.

With fewer homes in negative equity more people are able to sell their homes which can keep the real estate market churning. This means more houses on the market and more people looking to move up. Low interest rates are also helping in the recovery process and increase in sales.

Housing prices can continue to increase even beyond the average historic 4 percent opportunity. This means opportunity will exist for real estate agents to sell more homes for their clients. They will also see more buyers anxious to either buy their first home or move up the real estate ladder to a larger, more expensive home. With this in mind it might make good sense for those seeking a career change or new opportunity to set their sights on real estate. Enrollments in an online real estate schools in Salt Lake City could very well see a boom as well.

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