Bat Removal in Reynoldsburg is Best Left to the Professionals

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Wildlife Control

Bats have been misunderstood, feared, and even hated throughout history. As much as people dislike them, we need them around. Bats have a significant role in the ecosystem, as a single bat can consume up to 1,200 insects an hour. Some species are plant pollinators, others spread seeds, and some eat beetles that feed on crops. Still, most people would rather not have bats taking up residence in their attics, garages, or outbuildings. If bats are discovered in a home, be aware that bats are protected by federal and state laws and the only legal and humane way to remove them is with live exclusion.

Bat removal in Reynoldsburg is best left to the experts from a Wildlife Control Company. Bat removal in Reynoldsburg will be accomplished using live exclusion methods. An inspection will be conducted to determine the bats entry and exit points, what species they are, and where they are roosting. The bats typically have multiple entry points and, because an entry point can be less than 1/2-inch wide, entry points are easily missed. Bats tend to have preferred entry and exit points, and removal focuses on funneling them towards those points. Therefore, sealing all potential holes beforehand so the excluded bats cannot get in is critical. Bat removal in Reynoldsburg experts can accurately identify the primary entry points.

Once sealing is complete, a one-way exclusion apparatus is installed at the primary entry and exit points. The types of devices used include netting, funnels, screens or cones. The device must be set perfectly so the bats exit normally but cannot fly back into the home. It sounds simple & but is difficult to do properly. Once all bats have been captured, the exclusion devices are removed and the main entry and exit points sealed. Materials used to seal the openings include metal or plastic screens, caulk, and high-density polyurethane.

Once cleared of bats, the removal and cleanup of left behind bat waste (guano) and urine can be done. Large amounts of waste can corrode drywall and wood and promote mold growth. Typically, vacuuming, replacing insulation, and fogging with an enzymatic cleaning solution provides proper cleaning. Bear in mind that bats are creatures of habit and will try to return to previous roosting spots. However, if entry points are properly sealed, they will be unable to do so. Providing them with an alternate roost, such as a bat house, is a win-win for both humans and bats. Visit us to know more.

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