Assistance With Proper Cremation in Stonington, CT

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Cremation

When a loved one, family member, or close friend passes away, someone has to consider the proper funeral arrangements. This can often be a very difficult and traumatic process, and sometimes people are unsure what type of burial and funeral service is right. Cremation is becoming more and more common these days, and it can certainly be a lot less expensive than a traditional burial. Since more people are interested in choosing this alternative to traditional casket burials, it is imperative to find the right professional assistance with cremation. This can take a bit of investigating and research into local funeral homes.

Traditional burial can typically cost several thousand dollars for the family of the deceased when all is said and done. This is because there is a cost for the casket that is chosen, a fee for the burial plot, a cost for the headstone, and the funeral or memorial service itself has to be paid for. This naturally adds up to a lot of money. When cremation services are done, there is no burial plot, no casket, and no headstone. Only an urn is needed after the cremation process itself. This urn houses the ashes so they can be kept in a safe place or spread where the deceased has instructed.

Like other towns and cities across the United States, Cremation in Stonington, Connecticut is available. The Mystic Funeral Home assists people in Stonington, Ledyard, and Groton, CT with funeral services. Before deciding on a specific funeral service, the cremation process, or casket, it is wise to contact the local funeral home to learn more. These professionals can provide plenty of information regarding memorial services, casket options, and funeral planning.

There are funeral home services available in the city around the clock to ensure that all cremation and burial needs are met. Professionals will discuss various cost options, and what specifically is included with each service. There is also Cremation in Stonington that does not include a funeral ceremony. This is called a direct cremation. Before making any decisions regarding the burial of a loved one, be sure to consider his or her specific wishes.

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