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by | Jul 13, 2015 | Cosmetology

In the last twenty years, cosmetology careers have risen in popularity due to the need for more licensed professionals. To practice cosmetology, one must be properly licensed. To obtain a license, a person must attend one of the Schools For Cosmetology in Overland Park KS and then pass the state licensing exam. Those who are considering attending cosmetology school often have a lot of questions they need answers to. This information can assist people in making an informed choice for their career needs.

1. How long does training last?
Training times can vary according to the type of cosmetology program one is enrolling in. For a full cosmetology study, most schools average 1500 to 2100 hours in training. Those who only want to study in one area of cosmetology will spend fewer hours in training but will not get the full education a complete cosmetology program provides.

2. What training will be taught?
Cosmetology, Esthetics, skin care, makeup artistry, nail technology, laser hair removal and electrolysis are all covered. Specialized classes are now being offered in many Schools For Cosmetology in Overland Park KS, which includes studies on hair braiding, permanent makeup, and salon management. These courses are often taken in addition to the complete coursework offered in a traditional cosmetology program.

3. What is required to become licensed?
To become licensed in the state of Kansas, a person must first complete their training and then apply through an application. The completed application must include a written statement from the school the person attended, stating they completed all of the required coursework. Applicants must then attend the examination and make a score of at least 75 on the practical and written portions of the exam.

4. What happens if a person fails their exam?
5. If a person fails any portion of their exam, they are required to retake it and pay their exam fee. The temporary license that was given to them will be nullified until they pass their exam.

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