All About Zinc Chromate Plating

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In the world of technology and automobile development, many kinds of unique methods are used. One of these techniques is called zinc chromate plating, and although it is most often done to enhance the durability and give a longer life to zinc plated parts, it is also very useful for preventing corrosion and tarnishing on zinc plated objects, especially in aircraft manufacturing. The zinc chromate plating is similar to paint in that it greatly improves the appearance of a part, but it also protects and improves the quality of it.

What Is Zinc Chromate?

Zinc chromate is a chromated metal, meaning that it has been covered with a layer of oxide to make it inactive. It naturally occurs in the form of yellowish green crystals or solid yellow odorless powder, but it can come in several different colors depending on how it is produced and also where and how it will be used. For example, car manufacturers usually use it in a rusty red color, and it is used in yellowish green in aircraft production. It is also waterproof, which means that it is often used to plate aircraft parts such as wheel wells and other parts of the landing gear in military as well as passenger planes.

When Is Zinc Chromate Plating Used?

Zinc chromate plating is used to protect items made out of other metals, especially those that are galvanized, that are prone to corrosion, rusting, or other damages. Generally, the darker the zinc chromate, the better protection it offers. Zinc chromate plating is most often used for aircraft parts, especially those made out of aluminum. It is also used in automobile production, but its use in this regard has declined since 2000. When an object needs to be covered with zinc chromate plating, it is most often done by using the electroplating technique. The electroplating technique involves putting the zinc chromate through a special chemical bath that infuses it with electrons, ensuring that it will adhere firmly and completely to the object it is plated onto. When an object is plated with zinc chromate, it will last longer, be more durable, and resist corrosion better than ever before.

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