Advertising Agency vs. Brand Consulting Company

Many companies have a difficult time determining what the difference between an advertising agency and a brand consulting company. The consumer landscape has changed quite a bit over the years, as do their habits, so it is important to know where they are spending their money and what they consider to be valuable. An advertising and brand consultant play two very different roles and add different levels of value to their clients. Learning the difference between the two will help you to determine what your company needs most.

Advertising Agencies & Brand Consulting
Historically, advertising agencies used to define and control the message of a brand within a company. Then they were responsible for all of the advertising and discovering more about their target audiences. Their biggest goal was to reach as many people as possible regardless if they were in the company’s target audience. After a while, these consumers began to pay less attention to these advertisements because they simply did not appeal or apply to them. Advertising agencies are still needed but they simply are not responsible for branding.

Branding is strategic and advertising ends up being tactical. A brand consultant will be able to develop a brand plan or blueprint that will help to push the strategy forward both on an internal and external level. This type of approach will address the key elements that come with the brand and cover all aspects of it from its representation to its communication. A brand consultant will then be able to work with you and your company in order to discover what the best resources are to help get your brand out there.

Is one better than the other?
Neither agency is better than the other, they just have two different jobs. An advertising agency is responsible for helping you advertise your product or service, but they do not play a role in how it is branded. Branding is not something that happens overnight. It is a long and intense process that can take years to develop. Chances are you will find a brand consulting agency that also understands the realms of advertising and can help you in that department as well.

Branding and advertising are both very important when it comes to developing a business. You just need to figure out which one is more important to you so you can determine what you need the most out of an agency.

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