Advantages of Hiring Disability Lawyers in Oklahoma City for Issues with your SSA Disability Claim

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Lawyer

Many times when a person files a claim for disability with the Social Security Administration or SSA, it can end up being declined. This happens very frequently and it can be quite upsetting to anyone dealing with the situation.

A disability claim can be denied for a variety of reasons. However, the most common reasons generally have to deal with the application and the type of supporting documents provided with it. Often the application is incomplete or the supporting documentation is not substantial enough for the SSA. If you are experiencing this type of issue, you should contact Disability Lawyers in Oklahoma City for help with the matter.

Once your application has been denied, you can request a review or make your first appeal of the decision. It is during this phase, having the help of a lawyer can be particularly valuable.
Before you being your appeal, an attorney can help by going over the application and looking for errors. Because Disability Lawyers in Oklahoma City do this type of work regularly, they will often be able to zero in on problem areas. Sometimes the application may have very small mistakes, such as dates not coinciding correctly. However, the SSA will deny a claim based on this type of issue.

In addition, the supporting documentation for the application must match the application. This includes dates and other details. Supporting documents generally revolve around paperwork, such as medical records. The medical records must be completed correctly and by an acceptable medical source, such as a licensed physician, optometrist, podiatrist or speech pathologist. Other types of documentation can be provided, but it is not always accepted by the SSA. Click here for more details about the best disability lawyers in Oklahoma City.

Once the appeal has been file, the SSA will spend time reviewing the case to see if they can approve it. In many situations, they deny the case again. This will lead to the need for a second appeal. This appeal involves a hearing before a judge. During this hearing, you can have witnesses and others to help in providing evidence about your claim. Since this is similar to a typical courtroom hearing, a lawyer can be invaluable in helping you through this process.

If you are struggling with getting the SSA to approve your disability claim, you most likely should contact a lawyer for help. For more information, please visit us.

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