A Glance at a Subscription-Type Approach to the HP Inkjet Printer in Oshkosh WI

HP is taking a different direction in 2017 for their HP Inkjet Printer in Oshkosh WI line. The company is adopting the subscription concept for customers who want to print, and print often. It is an approach that has proven successful for video streaming and other industries, but will it work for printing?

Subscription Printing

Anyone would agree that the most expensive part of steady printing is the ink. It is a constant battle to sustain proper ink levels. At a high-functioning business, printing is like the lifeline of the daily workload.

The service would essentially allow clients to pay monthly for unlimited printing (it isn’t exactly unlimited, but that is the basic idea). Customers can acquire a certain package that allows them to print up to a certain amount for the month, and different packages will represent different tiers.

In all, the system will encourage customers to buy ahead of time and not worry about reaching a clear cap and having to replace an ink cartridge immediately. Some may argue that the system isn’t broken, so it does not need to be fixed. The subscription service still requires ink. It is just a system that essentially pre-orders a certain quantity ahead of time.

Will it Work?

Companies, such as Rhyme Biz, see it as a fruitful opportunity with some potential. The question is whether the savings will only be substantial for those who print in excess of 1,000 pages a month. The service should offer a cost benefit for mid-level firms and even small in-house operations. If it cannot, it may only be a small niche.

It may be best to purchase a high-quality HP Inkjet Printer in Oshkosh WI and stick to what works. Businesses can also research the details to see if it would benefit their efforts. Companies looking at printing high quantities of paper will likely benefit more from the subscription service.

Is the subscription service through HP viable? Time will tell. In the meantime, Visit our website to explore printing options, find a good set-up, and consider taking a different course of action in long-term printing. The website can remain a valuable source in getting rid of the promotional noise and finding value within.

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