8 Habits of Effective Men Christian Life Groups

by | May 11, 2017 | Business

For believers, it is essential to take daily opportunities to renew faith and serve God. There is no question Christian life groups for men offer a good way to exercise your spirituality. Not every group, though, is as effective as it could be. Here are eight habits of quality men’s Christian life groups.

1. They Remember the Bible

Men of faith understand the Bible is the cornerstone of everything in life. As such, any Christian group that does not study the Word of God is missing the point. When you are looking for the right group for you, make sure you find one that remembers to read and study scripture at every meeting.

2. They Serve God

All effective Christian groups are service-based. As a Christian, you serve the Lord by serving others. For that reason, make sure your men’s group has a program devoted to service. Whether you are working on the church house, delivering food to shut-ins, or undertaking some other project, service must be the cornerstone of any Christian life group.

3. They Provide Support

Navigating the many obstacles of secular life can be difficult for even the most faithful Christian. With the challenges of parenting, marriage, and employment, every man needs a support system he can access. Effective Christian life groups for men tap into the experiences of all the members to counsel struggling men.

4. They Do Outreach

Every Christian man has an obligation to be a good soldier for Christ. Men’s groups, then, must be out in the community representing the faith.

5. They Obey God

Total obedience can be tricky for Christians, but it is critical for men’s life groups. Those who do not obey the word of God typically are not effective. Men’s groups should carry their concerns to the Lord in prayer. When they get a response, they should obey.

6. They Take Responsibility

Men’s life groups are accountable not only to the laws of God but also to the laws of men. Effective groups, then, take responsibility for their finance. You should expect any group you join to have a treasurer who compiles periodic reports for the group.

7. They Give Thanks

Giving thanks is a bedrock principle of Christianity. When you are looking for the right group to join, make sure you find one that begins and ends every meeting by giving thanks.

8. They Welcome Newcomers

No men’s life group is effective if it closes itself off from new members. You will have found an effective group when you find one that welcomes newcomers and invites them to take an active role in the group.

These are the eight habits of effective Christian life groups for men. If your new or existing group does not meet each of these elements, it might need a bit of work.

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