5 Ways to Finding the Perfect Minister for Your Wedding Day

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Business

One secret to getting the perfect wedding is creating the right ambiance for that day. The wedding minister you choose can contribute a lot to making that happen. Here’s how to find the right one to solemnize your vows when you finally exchange ‘I Dos.

Consider comfort levels

The first thing you’ll want to look for is a comfort level. Are you and your fiancé at ease with the minister? Tying the knot is a milestone, and you’ll want to make sure you pick the best person to facilitate the ceremony. If the officiant is rude or obnoxious in any way, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Ask around

If you or your fiancé belong in a spiritual community, you might already know someone in your circle who could be perfect for the job, says The Knot. Talk it out with your future spouse and generate a list of options you can both check out.

Do the rounds

Don’t pick a minister you have yet to meet face to face. An in-person meeting helps you get a better sense of whether you’ve found the right one or not. By paying a visit to the names on your list, you can also compare which ones have a better rapport with you and your fiancé so you can filter your list with ease.

Discuss the details

Some ministers might not allow changes to the ceremony. If that’s not the kind of wedding you want, though, look for a wedding minister who’s flexible about these things. Want to write and recite your own vows? Use an ear-busting rock or Disney classics when you walk down the aisle or more? Choose a minister who’ll have no problems with your preferences, and you can provide helpful suggestions and tips as well.

Be clear on the rules

Some ministers will have solid ground rules. Know and respect them for better results. With these tips, finding the right minister should be easy.

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