4 Things to Consider While Promoting Mineral Rights and Royalties

One of the preeminent financial investments available in the United States is with mineral rights and oil or gas royalties. If you are in the position to market your resources, consider these four aspects of selling or leasing your mineral rights.

1. Ownership in the United States

Most of the natural resources around the world are owned by countries and governments, not by individuals. In the United States, however, you can own mineral rights and choose to maintain, lease, or sell them at will. This gives you rights to your resources that govern their use, as well as access to royalties.

2. Understanding Royalties

As an individual with mineral rights, you are entitled to any royalties associated with your home. This includes oil and gas royalties, which can quickly add up. You are entitled to any bonuses that the corporation leasing your resources makes. If you are leasing your land from month to month on a contracted agreement, you can receive a monthly payment as well as a percentage of the revenue earned off the land.

3. Marketing Your Mineral Rights

If you are interested in using your mineral rights as a financial investment, there are countless individuals, businesses, and corporations who are ready to purchase or lease access to your resources. You can choose to lease or sell all of your rights, or you can retain part of them for leverage or for personal or future use. Alternatively, you may decide to liquidate your mineral rights or oil or gas royalties. There are many ways to use your mineral rights as a financial boost or investment, so consider the breadth of your options before making a lasting decision.

Before leasing or selling your land or mineral rights, obtain a property evaluation. This will help you attract more interested buyersas the buying of mineral rights can be a high-risk investment. If you feel uncomfortable negotiating with a particular buyer at any stage, break away and seek a different investor. There are many companies interested in purchasing or leasing mineral rights, so you should have many options to choose from.

4. When to Seek Consultation

If you are facing charges for the transportation of your resources, meet with an oil and gas consultation. You should feel comfortable knowing your rights as an owner, and you should be able to understand the mineral rights and oil and gas royalties that you are entitled to. If you are ready to sell or lease your mineral rights, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance. This will help ensure that your contract or sales agreement is solid and that you will be receiving fair compensation and royalty payments.

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