3 Ways Factoring Receivables Accounting Improves Your Bottom Line

by | May 26, 2015 | Accountants

When listening to the news it is easy to make the assumption that the economy of the United States is based on the success of a handful of big business entities. In fact, that representation couldn’t be farther from the truth.

According to the Small Business Association small businesses, which are defined as those with fewer than 500 employees, hire approximately 56.1 million workers in the USA, which is just over half of all people employed. In addition in 2012 alone small businesses created 2, 175, 253 net new jobs. (I don’t understand this last sentence)

With this information in mind it isn’t hard to see why small business success is so important to US economy. It also explains why we are so committed to providing the funding a small business needs to not only grow but also to thrive.

Improving the bottom line of a business means one of two things, increasing the amount of dollars earned and decreasing costs. Through using our factoring receivables accounting services, we help small businesses do both.

Tailored to When you Need Capital

Unlike a loan from a traditional financial institute, a small business owner has complete control over factoring their accounts receivables. You can choose the time of the year and the amount of factoring requested.

It is perfect for a seasonal increase in demand for products or services where you may need additional inventory or staff. It is also an ideal solution to last minute contracts or large jobs where applying for traditional funding is simply too lengthy of a process to be of any help with working capital needs.

Freedom to Expand

When a small business uses our factoring receivables accounting service, in-house staff is freed up to do what they were hired to do. This could include expanding into new markets, bringing in new contracts, or simply being able to spend the time needed with customers and clients.

It also provides the benefit of funding within a few days when those growth opportunities arise. This provides a small business with the same freedom to expand and take on a big project as the large companies with significant cash reserves.

Decrease Business Accounting for B2B Accounts

When you allow a top factoring company to assume your B2B accounts receivables you are also freeing your accounting staff from all ongoing related accounting tasks. Information will be available online to provide you with up to the minute financial reporting on your accounts with us.

The factoring receivables accounting service will address collection issues, report and account for B2B accounts receivables and provide you with credit monitoring and risk management services. As a package this will help save on staffing time and professional service fees, both improving your bottom line.

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