3 Benefits of Having an Automatic Hand Dryer for the Restroom

Any business that has a restroom can easily benefit from having an automatic hand dryer for the restroom. Automatic dryers offer a great deal of benefit for any commercial property bathroom. If you have depended on paper towels to help people dry their hands, you are in essence in a never ending cycle of throwing good money after bad. Even if you are using the favored recycled hand towels in the bathroom, you are still wasting valuable resources.

Clear Benefits

Automatic hand dryers can actually help to keep down the spread of germs in the restrooms. There are no paper toweling racks to contend with and clean up. The three biggest benefits of opting for this type of drying station is:

  • Reduction in operation costs
  • More sanitary option
  • Keeps waste down

Buying paper toweling for the restrooms may not seem like a serious operating cost but the cost adds up over time, and it is like throwing money away because it is. Paper toweling winds up in the trash, so you are in fact just throwing money away. Trimming your operations budget significantly over a 12-month period can be as simple as outfitting all of the restrooms with hand dryers instead of buying paper towels.

Hand dryers are the more sanitary option, not only for the person that is drying their hands but for the overall setting of the restroom. Paper toweling always winds up on the floor and spilling out of the trash can.

Of course, a big benefit of using these ecofriendly drying options is the fact that you can reduce the amount of waste that your organization generates.  Of course cutting down on the waste also cuts down on maintenance costs. It is a win-win situation for any business! American Dryer has the solution!

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