Why You Should Work With a DWI Lawyer

Driving While Intoxicated, often known simply as DWI, is a serious charge that is rapidly becoming even more serious in many parts of the United States today. Most states are making their Driving While Intoxicated laws even more stringent, and the penalties are now extremely severe in many areas. Even for first time DWI convictions, your punishment could include time in jail (as long as a year in some places,) fines that can go up to $1000 or more, and the suspension of your driving privileges for at least several months.

If your DWI includes additional violations, for example if you were underage at the time of the DWI arrest or if you were driving on a suspended drivers license, your penalties can be significantly harsher than those outlined above. Should you get charged with a second or third DWI, you will be facing extreme punishments that could include years in prison, fines that could reach into the tens of thousands, and loss of driving privileges for several years or even longer. People who are convicted of second and third DWI charges are often ordered to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed on their vehicle if and when they regain their driving privileges. This device requires you to submit to sobriety testing every time you try to start the vehicle.

Clearly, the penalties can be harsh. The only way to deal with a DWI charge is to try to fight it to the best of your ability. A DWI Lawyer is almost always your best bet for a good defense. In many cases, your charges could be dismissed if the lawyer is able to compile enough evidence of your innocence. In other cases, more serious punishments can be dramatically reduced thanks to your attorney’s ability to negotiate and work with the judge and prosecutors.

In cases where you need to fight a DWI charge, it is best to look for an attorney with lots of expertise in this particular area. Lawyers like Zaloba Edward have worked with many DWI clients over the years. Whether it’s a first DWI, a second DWI, or even a third DWI violation, you can still emerge from this situation much better than you may have imagined when you use a skilled DWI lawyer.



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