Why You Need Seasonal Cleaning And AC Repair In Colorado Springs

Between seasons, it is likely your HVAC system will accumulate dirt, leaves, and other debris, which could prevent it from functioning properly. With air conditioning units, these substances could block proper air flow and ultimately stop the motor or fan from working. This is why homeowners should consider the benefits of seasonal cleaning and repair services for these systems.

What is Included in Seasonal Services

With air conditioning units, seasonal inspection and cleaning begin with the removal of the exterior casing. Your preferred HVAC technician will remove any debris from the unit. Next, they use a blower to ensure that any objects that have fallen into cracks and crevices are removed. The components of the unit are cleaned and sanitized. This includes the exterior grill, fan, compressor, and motor.

Servicing the Unit

Any AC Repair in Colorado Springs that is needed is performed at this time. During the inspection, the technician evaluates the performance of all major components. This includes inspecting the duct work and vents leading into your home. The presence of leaks could lead to too much moisture within these areas. This could present the right conditions for toxins such as mold to develop. This is a major health hazard for your family.

Checking Freon Levels

Recharging of the refrigerant is a vital AC Repair in Colorado Springs, which could determine if you are receiving adequate levels of cool air into your home. When levels are too low, the unit cannot function properly. It could also cause the motor to freeze up. Your technician will use gauges to evaluate these levels. Next, they will charge the unit with the gas according to safety regulations. For more details click here.

You can maintain a cooler home during the summer by ensuring that your unit is working properly. This begins with proper inspections and repair services. The quality of air you receive will also determine, if your system is performing as expected. For this reason, you should hire a service provider to evaluate all major components properly. If you need to acquire AC Repair in Colorado Springs, you should schedule an appointment by contacting Parkeys Heating and Air Conditioning today.


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