When To Use A Honeywell Micro Switch

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Electrical

A Honeywell micro switch is used in a wide variety of applications and situations. These are very fast acting switches, and they can be triggered with only a small amount of force. This makes them perfect for any switching operation where speed and low levels of force will be in play.

The Basics

All Honeywell micro switch models and all other similar designs work the same principles. This miniature snap-action switch uses an actuator and a tipping-point mechanism that works in coordination to cause the switch to turn on and off.

These switches are designed very simply, and they have long, dependable usage lives in all types of applications. It is not unusual for the heavy duty models used in electronics and equipment to continue working up to ten million cycles.

The spring loaded system uses the pressure of the actuator on a flat spring in the system. The flat spring connects to one of the electrical contacts, and it is also connected to a curved spring, which provides the counter tension to the system. When the actuator is pressed the end of the flat spring touches the other electric contact, the switch turns on and off. When the actuator is released the curved spring pulls the flat spring back into place, resetting the Honeywell micro switch.

Usage Options

Since the movement of the actuator just has to be very slight to create the change internally in the switch, these are a great option for any open or closed type of switching requirement. Microwave oven doors, on elevators and even in photocopiers and printers and they are also very commonly used in vending machines to trigger the movement of the dispensers.

It is also common to find Honeywell micro switch models are used on assembly lines and for industrial controls. They can be found in just about all electrical circuits where movement, or stopping of movement, is required. They can even be found in vehicles and computer components including control devices such as a mouse as well as joysticks and other types of controls.

With new robotics, both in science and industry as well as for those enjoying this as a hobby, a Honeywell micro switch can be used as bump sensors to trigger directional changes. The demand for new and different designs of miniature snap-action switches continues to grow.

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