Tips for Maintaining a Pizza Oven on a Budget


Outdoor pizza ovens are all the rage right now. If you’re a fan of cooking outdoors during the warmer months of the year, an outdoor pizza oven is an excellent investment. However, it’s also not the same as purchasing a small grill from the local big box store. Here are a few tips for acquiring and maintaining an outdoor pizza oven on a budget.

1. Understand the Basics and Plan Ahead

Thinking through why a pizza oven is important to you is a good way to ground yourself and assess how much you’re ready to spend. For outdoor kitchen enthusiasts, Kitchen & Bath Design News states that outdoor pizza ovens are now viewed as an absolute necessity, citing the social and authentic nature of the cooking process. If you don’t already have a pizza oven, then you’ll need to consider how much you want to spend on the actual oven. The maintenance is the long-term cost and can be managed easily, but a good place to start is thinking through what kind of oven you plan to purchase and its upkeep.

2. Get the Right Type of Kit

There are just as many pizza oven kits available on the market as are there are pizza ovens, but there’s one important difference. You can pick and choose different implements for pizza ovens, and you don’t want to skimp. That being said, it’s always better to go for fewer items of higher quality, than a shoddy kit with more items of poorer quality. The basics for any set of implements include a peel, turning peel, brush, and hanging rack.

3. The Best Place to Purchase Supplies

You’ll find the lowest price for pizza oven kits online. Not only can you find lots of variety, but more importantly, you can read reviews. Customer reviews are one of the most useful ways to inform your purchasing process. Pay attention to how many stars a kit has to assess whether it’s a good investment. Pizza ovens aren’t difficult to maintain as long as you remain vigilant about cleaning and cooking. While it does take some effort to maintain an oven, the authenticity of cooking outdoors can’t be beat.

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