The Top Five Advantages of AC Current Source Over Direct Current Source

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Business

There are a lot of options when it comes to electrical power supply, each with their own benefits and best applications. For example, there are many types of current sources. However, most types of units fall into two categories: alternating current and direct current.
While both types have their benefits, alternating current devices offer some unique advantages that direct current devices do not. To learn more, here are the top five advantages of using an AC current source over direct current source.

Stable Power Supply

You can step up or down using an AC source, which is one of the biggest benefits of choosing AC current over direct current. AC current is more stable, which is especially important for reliably transmitting power over large distances.

Reduced Power Loss

AC current means higher voltage, and with higher voltage comes reduced power loss on transmission lines. With reduced power loss, you can look forward to more efficient power transfers and lower usage costs for better performance as well.

Less Expensive

Cost savings is always a major factor to consider when purchasing any device. When you choose an AC current source, you can look forward to lower costs than if you chose a direct current source. This is true for both up-front costs and usage expenses.

Wide Range of Voltages

There are many different voltage options to choose from, which makes AC use a possibility for almost any application.


ACs have been proven to be safer in use than direct current sources, or DCs. They are lower-risk and have better safety options that will protect you as a user. The waxing and waning of an AC current source won’t cause damage in the same way that a DC current source can.

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