The Newest Generation of Fast Drying Hand Dryers

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Advertising

It used to be that hand dryers spent about half a minute breathing tepid air onto your hands and then left them just as wet as when you began, giving you little option but to wipe yourself dry on your pants. This, of course, completely negated the point of washing and drying your hands. Fortunately, manufacturers have produced a newer generation of fast drying hand dryers that actually dry your hands and do so in less time and with less energy.

Twice the Drying, Half the Time

Traditional dryers went through a cycle of about 30 seconds once you pressed the button. Most of the time, this wasn’t nearly sufficient. If you actually wanted air-dried hands, you’d have to wait through at least one or two more cycles. Modern fast drying hand dryers have cycles that are half as long as those old dryers, at anywhere from 12 to 15 seconds. More impressively, however, they actually dry your hands off the first time, and do so more hygienically since they are activated by motion rather than by a button you have to touch. Whereas conventional hand dryers felt like an enthusiastic whisper or a breeze from a paper fan, the newest iteration of dryers feels like a laser-guided jet stream of air across your hands.

More Interesting Styles

Some fast drying hand dryers have updated the typical design of a hand dryer: the rounded box mounted on the wall with a downward-facing air vent. Others have tried completely new approaches. Perhaps you’ve already seen the hands-in models which are mounted lower and require you to simply place your hands into an open slot. This design helps to contain excess water that is blasted off your hands in a powerful blade of air.

Energy Saving Technology

For those concerned about our planet and the misuse of resources, the best news of all is that fast drying hand dryers not only do a better job, but they do so more efficiently. Not only do many models require fewer watts to run than conventional hand dryers, but the energy savings is amplified by the fact that they run for much less time as well. As infrared and motion-sensing technology becomes more standardized, it also means that less energy will be wasted running the dryer after the person has already left.

Fast drying hand dryers offer an entirely different experience than old-fashioned hand dryers. Next time you’re in a restroom with fast drying hand dryers, try them out and see the difference for yourself. You may even be convinced to put one in your own place of business.

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