Using 6 Awg Welding Cable for lead Welding

Lead welding This process is similar to the welding of other materials. The only difference, though, is that the process doesn’t require a flux, the Weld Guru says. The color of the unfinished surface is one way to determine the lead. Another way to do that is to...

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Explaining The Welding Cable Ampacity and Sizing

What is a welding cable? A welding cable is typically made out of flexible copper wire and comes with a protective covering capable of withstanding flame, oil, heat, and abrasions among other things. eHow says it allows the electrode in a generator to function and is...

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Home Security Systems Need Security Alarm Cable

Many homes have a security system in place to protect their valuables, and to protect the residents. In order to operate properly, a security system needs good security alarm cable. A home security system operates by causing an alarm to go off when an unauthorized...

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