So You’re Getting a Bikini Wax? Here’s What You Should Know!

There are many services offered from waxing salon. One of these services, is the bikini wax. What is going to happen is warm wax is applied to the bikini region, and then strips will be ripped off, removing the hair around that area. This might sound a little terrifying, but it will be fine. There are also things you can do to make this a more pleasant experience.

Get Comfortable with the Salon

It is totally normal to be nervous before your first bikini wax. To make your experience less nerve wracking there are somethings you can do. First, go to the salon and get a less intimidating waxing service. Get to know the person providing the service, how they work, and get a little more comfortable with them before you go for such a sensitive area. A waxing of the lower legs is a great way to see their process, and ask any questions you might have about the service.

Prep Work

You need to shower before you come in for a bikini wax. It should be obvious, but forgetting to do this makes for a rough time. It is very embarrassing to realize that you smell half way through a bikini wax. It is also unpleasant for the salon worker, lets keep things clean for everyone’s sake. You also need to make sure you have enough hair length for the wax to work. Most salons recommend about ¼ inch of hair minimum for a bikini wax in Round Rock. If you are a bit longer than that, don’t worry, they will trim you down to an optimal length. Exfoliating the area the night before can also be beneficial, but talk to your salon first, they may recommend different techniques or products to use. Making sure you are properly prepared can help you have a pleasant bikini wax.


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