Simplify Your Disposal Process with a Ground Compactor for the Home or Business

Compactors are great for municipal and industrial properties that generate large volumes of waste. Having one installed will result in simplifying your disposal methods and reducing the need for removal services, among other things. You can even have a ground compactor customized to fit your home.

Compactors are typically rented pieces of equipment placed on your property by your waste removal company, and, depending on your current setup, a compactor can increase your facilities usable space while decreasing your disposal trips. Compactors are loaded at ground level.

Cut Costs Spent on Waste Removal

Despite being a rented piece of equipment, a ground compactor reduces the number of times you need to empty your equipment. Even when you consider the cost of rental, this can still dramatically reduce the amount of money you spend on a waste removal service.

Dumpsters may need to be emptied as often as once a week, perhaps more, depending on how much waste you produce. Even if you transport the waste yourself, you are still using facility resources, spending money on gas, and taking the time to do so. When you have a compactor, you can place load after load into the machine and not empty it for weeks or even months at a time.

Customized Compactor Solutions

The sizes of ground compactors are pretty standard, but you can also find custom-designed equipment made to accommodate particularly high volumes of waste or to simply further reduce your need for a removal service.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Compactors, like any machines, are vulnerable to mechanical issues, and if your ground compactor breaks down or quits performing like normal, you can contact your suppliers and request professional servicing and maintenance. If you visit us you can learn more about industrial-grade compactors and the waste removal services available for your home, business, or facility. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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