Should I Tell Anyone About My Drug Problem?

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Drug Addiction Treatment Center

The simple answer is yes, usually. But let’s look a bit more closely at this issue.

Very often, a person finds it embarrassing or shameful to open up and share that they have a drug or alcohol problem. That is unfortunate, because most of one’s families and friends would want to know if a loved one was suffering with a major problem like a drug addiction. What is really unfortunate, is the fact that there remains a negative stigma or image about drug addiction. If a person has a physical ailment, one would have few reservations about letting others know, so they could get some needed help. But drug and alcohol problems are different, because some (erroneously) believe that the person with the drug or alcohol problem are to blame. The same people usually believe, that if the person with the drug or alcohol or alcohol problem just had more willpower, they could overcome the problem and would not need any help from others. In reality, willpower has nothing to do with it.

Individuals suffering with an addiction often think that they will be judged by others if they reveal they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. The sad thing is, that some folks do judge others who struggle with addictive diseases. However, times are changing. At this time and because there are so many young people dying from overdoses of drugs; families and friends have become much more receptive to helping a loved one with such a problem.

When a person believes that their family members or friends will feel ashamed of them for having an addiction problem; most of the time the opposite is true. The person’s family does not want their loved one to feel ashamed for having the courage to admit they have a problem with drugs. Now a-days, almost all families want to be able to help loved ones struggling with any and all problems. This is now the case for drug problems as well.

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