Saving Money During Basement Finishing With a Plumber in Allentown

You’re finally ready to have your basement finished to provide some extra living space and functional features. You’d like to have a wet bar and a bathroom installed and you’re wondering about the cost of the plumbing. A Plumber in Allentown can make this a particularly affordable project if you are willing to have this plumbing set up back-to-back with any existing pipes in the basement.

For example, if you currently have a washing machine and water heater downstairs, getting your wet bar and bathroom as close to those pipes as possible allows the plumber to save you money. Your upstairs plumbing features also likely have pipes running near the basement ceiling and connecting with your existing basement fixtures. For the least expensive results, have the plumber install your sink, faucets and bathroom fixtures in that general area.

Your remodeling contractor can build a wall separating the two spaces. On one side, you’ll have your laundry facilities, water heater and perhaps a water softener. On the other side will be your wet bar and the extra living space you’ve been wanting. The bathroom can be installed on either side, but for the sake of convenience, you may prefer to have it in the general living space. That way, when you have guests, they don’t have to traipse through the laundry area to get to the restroom. It’s also a more comfy setting if you’ll have a plumber in Allentown install a shower.

Extra living space and an additional bathroom in the basement are very welcome features in many homes. You’ll be even more satisfied knowing that you kept your costs as low as possible while getting expert work done. For an estimate on the plumbing part of the project as well as an estimate on completion time, contact a company such as S. Agentis Plumbing of Allentown. This type of service can provide complete installation of all the bathroom features and those in the area of the wet bar. You’ll be able to consult with a representative about your ideas and make some definitive decisions on the features you want.


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