Healthy and Beautiful Smiles By The Family Dentist in Mt Clemens

The first thing people notice about you is your smile. If you don’t feel comfortable about yours, you can improve it. Having a beautiful and healthy smile is also imperative for good health. Having an abnormal bite or dealing with the problem of gum disease can cause pain and other oral problems presently and in the future. A Family Dentist in Mt Clemens has the latest technology in digital x-rays, oral surgery procedures, and follow-up care to give you that beautiful and healthy smile.

Dental care is not just for older children and adults. Everyone should be visiting their dentist twice a year for a check up. Children should have their first check up when their teeth have broken through the gums between the ages of one and three. Teaching children from a young age about the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums sets them up to have healthy, beautiful smiles later in life.

There are many dental services offered in the office of the Family Dentist in Mt Clemens . Some of those are:

1. dental implants
2. traditional orthodontics or invisalign
3. dentures
4. surgical tooth extraction
5. teeth whitening services
6. cosmetic dentistry
7. myofascial pain dysfunction treatment
8. periodontal disease treatment

Go to the website: for more details on the services offered and what is entailed with each. Setting up a consultation is advised to discuss what procedures would be suitable for you along with a high-tech check up to maintain the health of your mouth.

There are some non-traditional services offered by the family dentist office in Mt. Clemens. Not only will you have a fabulous smile, you can reduce signs of aging as well with Botox anti-aging treatments. A filler treatment is also available to smooth the fine lines on the face. Attention is also be focused around the mouth where lines form from smoking and drinking from straws. Years can be removed from the face with these treatments. The lips will appear more full minus the fine lines that often make the face seem older.

Looking your best is not just for those with a lot of money. The dentist accepts most dental insurance plans and offers several different adjustable payment plans that are affordable. Dental care is just as important as medical care and should not be neglected because of expense. There is no reason to not look and feel your very best.


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