Endodontic Treatment from a Family Dentist in Mt Clemens

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the inner parts of the tooth especially the dental pulp, the veins and capillaries that are found inside the tooth. It is a field of specialization that differs from general dentistry. One of the most common procedures performed by an endodontic is a root canal treatment. Here are a few things to know about endodontic treatment from a Family Dentist in Mt Clemens.

What conditions are treated by Endodontics?

As mentioned earlier, Endodontics deals with the inner part of the tooth. Here are the major procedures that an endodontic performs.

1. Root canal: there are several situations that can lead to the need for a root canal. For instance, if you have a cavity and the tooth collapses making the inner tissue vulnerable to bacteria and all other types of pathogens, you might need a root canal treatment. If you have gum diseases that are affecting the pulp of your tooth or teeth, you might also need a root canal. In this procedure, the endodontic will have to clean the inside of your tooth and sterilize it. This will kill the germs and end toothache. This treatment will be followed by sealing the cavity. This will protect your teeth from further infection. If your tooth is destroyed, the doctor will all get you an artificial crown to help your tooth return to normal function.

2. If you have cracked teeth or dental trauma: if you happen to get dental injury during an accident or a similar event, it might lead to breakage and cracking of teeth. You might be sent to an endodontic. He will do diagnostic tests to determine if your tooth pulp has been affected by the trauma. Depending on your situation, he will recommend a suitable treatment for you.

Why got to a family dentist for endodontic treatment

There is nothing that is more painful than a dental treatment gone badly. To avoid all that trouble, going to a more specialized practitioner is advisable. There are times when dental cases become too complex for the general dentist. These cases are also usually referred to a Family Dentist in Mt Clemens.

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