California Workers Compensation

California workers’ compensation, which is also often called worker’s comp, is a type of insurance mandated by the state of California to provide coverage and compensation for workers who get sick or injured on the job. Every state in the US has specific laws and services regarding this form of insurance, and California workers’ compensation is one of these mandatory programs.

Here at National Insurance Solutions our skilled experts can explain to you exactly what is needed for your company regarding California worker’s compensation and the resulting claims. In general terms, employees are eligible for coverage of these types of benefits no matter who is at fault, and due to this, the employee normally can’t sue their employer for damages.

Employees must report any injury or illness

If possible, a worker who gets injured or becomes ill on the job is required to report this to their supervisor in order to obtain benefits. The worker must fill out a workers’ compensation claim form that describes all of the details of the injury or illness. After this, the employer must arrange appropriate treatment for the worker.

The worker must in turn tell their place of work what the doctor advised them concerning the injury or illness and what the prognosis is for them to be able to return to their job. The supervisor or someone they designate is allowed to go with the employee to the doctor appointment.

Possible benefits from California worker’s compensation

When it comes to California worker’s compensation benefits, the employee could be entitled to medical treatment as well as disability payments and disability leave from their job. It all depends on what has occurred and how badly the person has been injured or how sick they are. Our agents can explain all the up to date and current benefits for employees if they are eligible to receive them.

Workers’ compensation is not the same thing as Disability Insurance. Disability Insurance is a program that pays weekly benefits when the worker’s illness or injury wasn’t caused by their job, while workers’ compensation must be related to something that occurred due to the person’s job.

We can help you to meet all your needs for your workers when it comes to California worker’s compensation. Additionally, we can explain all the current facts and figures of this type of insurance coverage. Call us or fill out our easy form for more information today.


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