Black mold is harmful to humans

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Home Remodeling

Any toxic mold, black mold in particular is dangerous to human health and must be eliminated; black mold removal in Philadelphia area is a process involving a number of stages which results in the elimination of the mold and the threat it poses. The building in which the mold has been found must have the mold removed and the area must be cleaned so that there will be no re-occurrence. The methods employed to remove the mold will vary depending on the amount of mold there is, small scale infestations can be eliminated with a minimum of fuss but large colonies may take some days to properly remove them and clean-up.

Just the words “black mold” throw a scare in most people but the truth is, mold is everywhere, not necessarily as an established colony but certainly as spores. It is highly unlikely that anyone goes through even a day without be exposed to mold and it will prove literally impossible to prevent the presence of mold in a building. However, mold which is left unchecked will sooner rather than later, become a problem.

Certain molds including black mold produce an allergen, this allergen triggers an attack to those people who have an mold allergy. Symptoms of this mold allergy can include headaches, dizzy spells, difficulty with their breathing and fatigue. Because of these health hazards black mold removal in Philadelphia must be done as soon as it has been found in the building.

Getting rid of the mold is one thing, finding out why it is there is something else. Mold needs two things to prosper; water and organic food stuff. Water can come from a leak, condensation or even high humidity, the food stuff is old newspapers, wood, cardboard and even dry wall. Whatever the source of the moisture is it must be found and eliminated otherwise it will be impossible to effectively remove the mold.

Once the source of the moisture has been found and corrected the mold is killed. Those professionals who do this work normally apply a solution of water and chlorine bleach although there are also a number of commercially available solutions that are often used by contractors. Once the area has been cleaned of all the mold and treated, the area is often sealed to prevent any possibility of re-growth in the same spot.

Once the black mold has been removed, these professional teams will often conduct a test to ensure that the removal was successful.

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