A Dementia Care Facility Can Feel Like Home

Families in which someone is struggling with the earliest stages of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, or other similar conditions have to make very difficult decisions. On one hand, people who are beginning to struggle to function in the world feel a stronger need than ever to stay near home and the things that are deeply familiar to them. Sadly, this is not always a safe arrangement, and it tends to become more unsafe over time as the condition progresses. If you’re struggling over the idea of putting someone you love into a Dementia Care Facility, it may help for you to know that there are options out there that feel as luxurious and cozy as home.

A good residential facility can be a better environment for people with age-related memory problems than a private home. Research has consistently shown that people who remain mentally active, who engage in social activities, and who take on hobbies tend to fare better than those respond to their condition by shutting themselves up at home and avoiding new situations. A good care program includes a staff that is trained to help people to live as independently as possible, while also providing them plenty of opportunities to socialize with the other residents and to engage in the sort of stimulating events that can benefit them.

Just because you’re looking for a Dementia Care Facility doesn’t mean you have to be looking at places that feel like living in a cold and sterile hospital. Magnolia Springs Senior Living offers some of the most beautiful and luxurious housing of this kind in the region. Their private suites include wall-to-wall carpeting, private climate control, and private bathrooms for each of their residents. They also set of a memory display box near the entry of each set of rooms where residents can keep mementos and photos that remind them of the people and events that make them happiest.

You don’t have to make a choice between letting someone you love live at home and be unsafe, or sending them to a cold and unwelcoming facility for their protection. There is beautiful housing available that can provide the support and stimulation that people with memory impairment need to both be safe and enjoy their lives.

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