4 Problems Cosmetic Dental Procedures Can Fix

If you’re wondering how you can improve your smile, there are a number of cosmetic dental procedures you can explore, depending on what kind of problem you have:

Discolored, stained teeth

Drinking tea and coffee as well as smoking can discolor your teeth. If you want to recover your pearly whites, you can ask your dentist for a teeth-whitening procedure. Be warned, though, that unless you change your habits, you’ll see your pearly whites turn yellow again.

Chipped, cracked or decaying teeth

These might seem hopeless enough to require an extraction. Extractions, though, can lead to a slew of unattractive consequences. Tooth loss, for one, affects the muscles that support your facial contours, your jawbone. With cosmetic dental procedures like bonding and crowns, your teeth’s appearance can be corrected or restored. Bonding refers to when a composite material is applied to your teeth to cover stains or to correct a chip or crack, says WebMD. Crowns and caps restore or replace any chipped or broken teeth too, the Daily Mail points out.

Missing teeth

If extraction can’t be avoided and you’ve got yourself a case of missing tooth to deal with, no worries. With a dental implant, you can solve that problem as soon as possible. You just have to have enough bone growth to make this treatment possible.

Unsightly gaps and stains

If you’ve always been bothered by large gaps between your teeth or the stains and discoloration, you could ask for veneers. These are usually made out of porcelain or composite resin and are typically bonded to the front of your teeth to improve your teeth’s appearance.

There are many helpful treatments you can go for, depending on what kind of dental issue you have. To know which one suits you the most, consult a cosmetic dentist in Livonia for more details.


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